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Discover our delicious bread menu !

To all sandwich lovers, get ready to feast on our mouth-watering selection of tasty creations. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch option or a hearty meal to go, our sandwich menu is sure to satisfy every craving.

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Bite-sized croissants


Bite-sized stuffed croissants

Almond Croissants (6)


Flaky croissant, filled with almond pastry cream, topped with almonds.

Friand Veggies(6)


Friand Veggies

Friand Fish (6)


Flaky dough rolled with seasoned tilapia

Pain o raisins (6)


Friand Beef (6)


Flaky croissant rolled with ground beef.

Bacon Cheese Friand (6)


Flaky croissant rolled with cream cheese and bacon.

Strawberry Croissant (6)


Flaky croissant, filled with Strawberry Fruits pastry cream.

Friand Spinach (6)


Flaky dough rolled with cheese and spinach

Friand Beans (6)


Flaky dough rolled with cheese and Beans

Nadia’s Chocolatine (6)


Nadia’s Chocolatine – Flaky croissant filled with chocolate.

Chocolatine’s (6)


Flaky croissant filled with chocolate.

Danish pastry fruits(6)


Danish pastry with fruits

Plain Croissant (6)


Plain Croissant

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